Top 3 Signs Your Foot Orthotics Don’t Fit Right

If you recently visited your foot specialist and you have been given a personal insole to use, you might have trouble getting used to it. After some time, you will grow accustomed to this new insert as it helps relieve pain from your foot and boosts your shoe support. You may even end up wanting to wear your insoles wherever you go as it adds a new level of comfort.

Top 3 Signs Your Foot Orthotics Don’t Fit Right

However, there is no guarantee that your foot orthotics are going to fit perfectly on the first try. While they are made to the exact specifications of your feet, they may only address one medical issue at a time, causing you more harm than good. Below, we will show you the top 3 signs your foot orthotics don’t fit right and how you can more easily find an insole that works for your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact a local podiatrist if you want to learn more about getting your own personal set of inserts.

Your Shoes Are Loose

If your feet feel a bit loose in your shoes when you are walking around with your new orthotics, you might not be adjusting to them correctly. The right insoles should be snug and tight in your shoes, giving you a comfortable fit. If your shoes and soles are constantly slipping loose while you walk, you need a new set of orthotics ASAP.

The easiest way to fix this problem is to bring your orthotics to your trusted foot doctor right away. They will want to make sure that your insert is properly adjusted. Don’t try to adjust it on your own, as you may end up creating an even looser fit.

You Feel Pain When Walking

Your professional orthotics are meant to relieve foot pain when walking, taking pressure off of some of the most injured and vulnerable parts of your feet. If your insoles are causing you more harm than good, then something is definitely wrong. It is natural to spend a few days – or even weeks – getting used to your new orthotics; however, prolonged pain and undue discomfort after weeks of wearing insoles is definitely a cause for concern. If you are experiencing heel pain in combination with redness, swelling, or irritation, you may need a more advanced form of treatment.

Your Shoes Have Lots of Wear and Tear

Shoes are meant to be worn, so it is no surprise that they wear down over time. It is natural for the rubber on your soles to lose their thickness or for the seams to start coming out over the years. However, the wrong set of orthotics can cause unusually common signs of wear and tear in your shoes. If they are pressing against the lining of the shoe too harshly, they may cause everything to fall apart. This is usually the case with patients who are experiencing more pain with their orthotics and need a readjustment.

Find a Foot Treatment that Works for You

During your initial consultation with one of our foot specialists, you will be able to take a deep dive into the issues causing pain and discomfort in your feet. After a thorough assessment, the doctor may prescribe a custom set of orthotics, or shoe inserts, to help you walk around more comfortably while relieving pain. In some cases, these orthotics don’t fit well right away. Some patients may even experience discomfort or swelling as they try to adjust to their new devices.

If your orthotics are bothering you, you may need a size adjustment. Get in touch with our foot orthotics specialist right away to learn more about your treatment options. The right plan of care is available for you!