foot and ankle reviews Submitted 08/04/23

Dr. Kalhor and her entire staff are amazing. Friendly and professional! I have had foot issues for several years and the treatment given to me has been outstanding. I highly recommend Dr. Kalhor at Foot and Ankle Concepts! They also play great 70,s and 80,s music while waiting to be seen, making the visit even more enjoyable.

Michael D.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 08/04/23

I took my twin granddaughters to see Dr. Kalhor, after having been at the Shriner's Clinic because they had pigeon feet and their legs were a little crooked. At the Shriner's they could not help them, however Dr. Kalhor straightened their legs and their direction of their feet. Now they're perfect and also ice skating champions. They just turned 9 years old. She has a fantastic demeanor and extremely professional.

Federico T.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 08/03/23

Dr. Kalhor is a foot genius. After six years of being bounced from one specialist to another, from Cedars to Keck, she figured out the cause of my very painful symptoms in minutes. My pain gets better with each treatment. Dr. Kalhor also possesses the ever-increasingly rare characteristics of empathy and kindness. I'm grateful to have found this clinic.

Adam C.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 08/03/23

Should you love your podiatrist office? I don't know but honestly, after seeing 4 different podiatrists in a 50 mile radius, I can say I LOVE Dr. Campbell. It is pretty rare that you get an office with a great doctor AND great staff, but this is it. The ladies are always helpful and knowledgeable, and you can actually get them on the phone if you call with a question.

Lisa L.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 08/01/23

The entire staff has always been so kind, helpful and professional. Diana and Liz have always gone out of their way to accommodate my schedule. Dr. Campbell is very easy to talk to, he's listens to my concerns. Very professional and knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend the Westlake Office.

Joanna L.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 07/31/23

Diana and Liz are great staff and Dr. Campbell is amazing! I highly recommend this place!

Valeria A.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 07/28/23

The staff at the clinic was accommodating and sweet from the front to the back office. They were very attentive to my son who was getting his ingrown nail procedure done. Doctor Matthews kept him distracted by talking to him while he was doing what he needed to do. It was a very comfortable atmosphere and we had an amazing experience.

Claudia S.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 07/28/23

Dr.Matthews took care of my daughter was very attentive while she was nervous for nail procedure. The staff there was also very sweet! I appreciate all of you!

Mayra V.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 07/08/23

I hobbled into the Foot & Ankle Concepts Oxnard location after being reduced to putting Lidocaine patches on the bottom of my feet and limping from Achilles Tendonitis. In walked Dr. Nikamal, whose manner is quiet, empathetic and caring. After an examination, he told me that the metatarsals pads were thinning and that was what was causing so much of my issues. He prescribed custom orthotics, a cream for a rash on my feet, gave me a simple stretch to address the Achilles tendonitis and then carefully shaved down a callus on one foot. I so appreciate his knowledge, compassion and professional care. He is a consummate healthcare provider. As a side note, when I showed up for my orthotic fitting, I was a day earlier than my appointment time. The receptionist not only said it was no problem but they fit me in anyway. The entire staff is warm, friendly and go out of their way to address any issues. I have never waited more than 5-10 minutes for my appointment, which is a huge advantage for any patient. I will never go anywhere else.

Diane H.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 06/27/23

The receptionist Ashley needs further training and needs to be more compassionate when speaking with clients. She informed me she couldn't ship $500 orthotics I paid for and asked what I wanted to do because they would throw them away. Unprofessional! However, Jeannette is amazing and reached out to me to let me know she would be shipping out my orthotics asap! She was understanding that I no longer lived in the area and really went above and beyond to make this right. I appreciate her and she is the prime example of an amazing person.

Christina F.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 05/23/23

I appreciate how clean the office is and how friendly the drs and nurses are! Good parking right next to the building as well, so happy this place is available to the sb community.

Grace S.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 02/20/23

So my husband is trying to get on the list for a new kidney, and was denied due to an ulcer on his toe. His other podiatrist did NOTHING and encouraged us to have is amputated. Within two weeks of working with Dr. Kalhor, Not only was his toe pretty much healed , it regained color and we are now on the list. She's amazing, sweet, takes interest in getting to know us, is quick and efficient, and keeps us educated.

Mars N.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 01/05/23

I've had such a great experience at this office. I put off seeing a podiatrist for my plantar warts for a couple of years because I was scared to deal with them but so happy I wound up here. Easy to get an appointment, all the staff are friendly and knowledgeable and Dr. Chandler is a joy to work with. She's explained my options to me clearly and we came up with a plan together. I also appreciate her transparency around the pain and cost of some of the options. Although dealing with warts isn't a pleasant experience, this is the best situation I could've asked for! Very grateful to Dr. Chandler and this whole office and couldn't recommend more!!

Brigitte B.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 11/18/22

Omg this place is awesome the Dr. saw me right away able to treat my heel and wrapped it and I was able to walk again.

Lois H.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 08/16/22

I absolutely love this place! Staff is friendly and professional, they know me by name after only 3 visits! No waiting here, if your appointment is at 3:00 then you are in the room at 3:09, and the doctor is in no more than 5 minutes later!! AND...I feel way better! Highly recommend you try them

Rossana P.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 07/06/22

Back in 2015-2016, Dr. Campbell performed 4 foot surgeries for me (lapidus bunionectomies, akin osteotomies, ORIF, and hardware removal) and the results were spectacular. My feet remained flawless and pain free until an unrelated injury to my foot and ankle occurred last year. And I really mean flawless - I became an aerial acrobat (as a hobby) and was literally hanging from my feet regularly with no issues! I discovered he now works at Foot & Ankle Concepts at their Westlake Village and Santa Barbara locations. So I made an appointment with him for a second opinion on my injuries and surgery recommendations; the one hour drive to Westlake Village was definitely worth it. He still has that excellent bedside manner that always put me at ease. He still caters his explanation style to the patient's needs. He doesn't start out by throwing heavy medical jargon at the patient, but he doesn't shy away from it if the patient asks detailed clinical questions. But that made me even more certain Dr. Campbell is who I want doing my surgeries. I have a lot of anxiety about surgery in general, and Dr. Campbell makes me feel a lot less anxious about it.

Amanda S.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 06/30/22

To start, this place is clean and gives a vibe as if you're home. My first time experience with this doctor and he really took care of me. I felt I was in good hands and I wasn't rushed out or seen as a dollar sign as my other doctor I was going to since March 2019. He took X-rays of my foot, even injected my foot twice to help me. None of these my old doctor put the effort to put good care for me. I'm so thankful I switched when I could. He cleaned us my lesion very well and was patient with me.

Diannalyn S.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 06/04/21

Well putting put an ankle concepts there an awesome organization went there were planner fasciitis doctors done everything to help me get back on the road to recovery I'm extremely happy with the way they have gone about my treatment I highly recommend put an ankle concepts for all your planter planter fasciitis needs

Billy M.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 05/08/20

Dr Marshal is extremely attentive and engaging. He takes care of my 82 year old diabetic Mom and is always cheerful and thorough! He asks questions and checks her feet and is attentive to her needs and does a great job. He has always been pleasant and my mother enjoys his conversation regarding her health and activities. This is the second foot doctor she has been to because the first Dr at another facility not associated with this one was very uncaring and ride. It's imperative to establish a good repor with anyone that's taking care of your health! Highly Recommend this establishment!

Lola R.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 02/01/20

Dr. Todd Matthews is really great - very nice and helpful. My ankle is still in the healing process; so not quite finished going yet, but so far, I've appreciated his medical advice, help, and discussions over treatment options. His office staff is always very nice too! Office is clean and run professionally.

Heather M.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 07/04/19

Dr Matthews was punctual, friendly, and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to all!

Carol C.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 05/31/19

Dr. Matthews was great, explained what he thought was going on and reassured me that it would get better!

Katherine A.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 05/31/19

Dr. Chandler was very professional and knowledgeable. I was in and out quickly.

Robert H.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 03/06/19

Dr Chandler is amazing. Both times I’ve been she has been so helpful and nice. I would recommend her to anyone needing anything for the foot and ankle!

Devon K.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 04/12/19

As always a pleasant visit.

Debra W.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 03/25/19

De Matthews did great job.

Lynne G.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 03/21/19

Doctor was very good.

Judy H.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 03/8/19

Dr Chandler was very professional and really helped me.

Stuart K.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 02/20/19

Doctor was friendly and through. Staff was very friendly as well. Offers late appointments so I can still work

Jennifer F.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 01/31/19

Friendly and helpful staff willing to go above and beyond. Thank you

Miguel V.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 01/30/19

I have had a couple bad experiences with dr. offices in Palmdale. The office girls answered my questions and were very friendly. I would recommend this group to all my friends and family

Carol G.

foot and ankle reviews Submitted 01/18/19

Great! Thank you

Kim K.
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