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  • Ventura: 805-650-8333
  • Santa Barbara: 805-845-1245
  • Palmdale: 661-585-2020
  • Camarillo: 805-484-1333
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We are Contracted with Majority of Insurance Companies

Insurance Information

We are contracted with the majority of insurance companies, although it is your responsibility to make sure we are on your insurance plan. If your insurance requires a referral or prior authorization, its is your responsibility to make sure that this is in place prior to your appointment. If you have any questions regarding your insurance we are here to help you.

Unfortunatley we do not accept HMO's.

Please remember that the agreement you have with your insurance company does not affect your responsibility for payment and all fees are ultimately due from you. Most Insurance plans will leave you, with a co-payment, deductible, or sometimes a balance for services rendered. Please be prepared to pay your portion at the time of service.

You can always refer to your insurance manual regarding covered and noncovered sevices.

Hospitals and Surgery Center Affiliations:

  • Sherman Oaks Hospital
  • Community Memorial Hospital of BuenaVentura
  • Lancaster Community Hospital
  • Saint John's Hospital
  • Tarzana Hospital
  • Solar Surgical Center
  • Cottage Hospital