Jobs that Cause Foot Problems

While a job that keeps you moving may seem like a healthy alternative to sitting down all day at a desk, there can be too much of a good thing. Sitting for too long and being on your feet for too long have their respective drawbacks. Balance is key for your overall health, so finding a job that can accommodate that is important. There are jobs that cause foot problems, as standing for long periods can take a serious toll on your feet. Below are some of the most common jobs that can cause foot problems.

  1. Construction Workers: Many construction workers are on their feet most of the day due to the nature of their job. Construction zones are also hotbeds for potential hazards and accidents. Finding the right shoes in terms of support and protection is key. Workers should also consider taking advantage of sitting down during rest breaks.
  2. Healthcare Workers: Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers are constantly on their feet. Long shifts, constantly on the go, and tending to medical emergencies can take a toll on your feet, body, and mental health. For those who have to work longer shifts, taking breaks and resting is vital. If possible, having shorter shifts can really help keep your stamina up and your body healthy. Healthcare professionals should also have supportive shoes that can accommodate your feet.
  3. Hairdressers: Most hairdressers work long hours without many breaks on hard surfaces. This can take a serious toll on your feet. Many hairdressers and salons also have dress codes that require heels or lifted shoes. This can wreak havoc on your feet. If you can, wear shoes that are supportive. If not, focus on getting a mat that will provide some cushiony support. You can also get supportive insoles to help ease the pain. Taking breaks between clients is key, but if you can’t, at least take a seated lunch break to give your feet a rest.
  4. Cooks and Food Service Workers: The food services industry can be fast-paced with very few breaks. Getting time to rest can be difficult if the demand is high, depending on the restaurant, so do what you can with the time you have and the resources available. In addition to wearing supportive shoes and using a supportive mat, there are additional ways to relieve your pain. Maintaining a healthy weight can help keep the pressure off of your feet. If you can keep a stool near you and put one leg up at a time, it can help relieve pressure if you alternate your feet.
  5. Retail Workers: This is similar to the struggles that cook and food service workers endure. Long hours on your feet, providing customer service, organizing the sales floor, and restocking can keep you on your feet and in pain. As with food service work, try and find the best ways possible to relieve your feet. Whether you are taking rest breaks or sitting lunches, you’ll also need to use supportive insoles and maintain your weight to keep the pressure off of your feet.

Additional Tips for Relieving Foot Pain

  • Breaks: As mentioned, take sitting breaks when possible. If possible, try and work shorter shifts. If that’s not possible, keep track of your time and ensure that you have rested at least every few hours.
  • Support: In addition to finding supportive shoes, wear supportive insoles. If possible, have your employer provide supportive mats where you are standing the most so you have some relief.
  • Medical Professional: Consult with a medical professional to see what options you have in terms of support. A podiatrist can help you understand the mechanics of your feet and how you can stay healthy and as pain-free as possible while working. They can even prescribe custom orthotics to help with foot support.

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