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Find A Podiatrist In Santa Barbara

There is a saying in the horse world – no hoof, no horse and the same thing could be said of people as well.  Certainly if you’ve ever suffered from any type of foot or ankle problems you’ll identify with this because you know exactly how painful, debilitating and immobilising they can be.  Podiatric practice Foot & Ankle Concepts Inc are specialists in providing the very best solutions and care for all foot and ankle related problems.  They have a team of qualified and dedicated podiatrists treating conditions like heel pain and performing bunion surgery in Santa Barbara, Oxnard, Ventura, Sherman Oaks and Palmdale.  

Don’t suffer in silence.  Take your heel pain, bunions, arthritis, fractures, athletes foot and any other foot and ankle issues you may have along to one of their clinics and say goodbye to them, hopefully forever.  They perform bunion surgery, fat pad augmentation, wart removal, fix nail problems like ingrown nails and offer a range of paediatric solutions including orthotics for children with foot and ankle problems. 

Foot & Ankle Concepts Inc also provide diabetic wound care.  Did you know that around a seventh to a quarter of people with diabetes who develop a foot ulcer end up needing an amputation!  Or that  diabetes is the number one cause of non-traumatic lower limb amputations in the US and foot ulcers in particular precede a massive 85% of amputations caused by diabetes.  They’re serious, scary and require immediate urgent medical attention.

Contact Foot & Ankle Concepts Inc either by phone on 805-845-1245 or via email and have a chat to one of their friendly, helpful medical team members.  Your feet, and ankles, will surely thank you.

It’s Not All Bunion Surgery And Heel Pain In Santa Barbara

Whilst it certainly helps to know that your feet and ankles are in good hands with local Santa Barbara podiatrist service Foot & Ankle Concepts Inc, there is so much more to Santa Barbara than sore feet and ankles.

Marketed as the American Riviera®, Santa Barbara is a city of contrasts and beauty.  It boasts rolling valleys and mountains, miles of breathtaking beaches and a hospitality industry second to none.  Keep your feet and ankles in great shape with any one of the many outdoor adventures on offer, whether it’s riding the waves on those gorgeous sunny beaches, hiking through the mountains, visiting the hot springs of Gaviota Park, rock climbing "The Y" at San Ysidro or exploring the area on horse back.  Santa Barbara is also home to some world-class golf courses so if you’re a golf aficionado you’ll feel right at home.

And once you’re through exploring the great outdoors Santa Barbara style, you can put your feet up, relax in style and replenish your depleted reserves of energy at any one of the first-rate hotels and restaurants on offer in places like Victoria Court.  Of course, if you’d prefer to exercise your wallet and hip pocket instead then head off to shopping headquarters at State Street for a round of shopping.  Wander along Paseo Nuevo, Arlington or La Cumbre Plazas and become reacquainted with your favourite big name retailers or find that one off speciality item you’ve been looking for in one of the boutiques in La Arcada, Funk Zone, the Presidio District, SoCo or the Waterfront.

Or put yourself in the hands of a local expert and take a guided tour of the area.  The options in Santa Barbara are endless.